Looking to accelerate sales of your products in key overseas markets?

Success in export markets will help your business sustain long-term sales and profits. Associated Marketing can do more for your business than any other export partners to open up crucial markets and advance your unrealised export potential.

Through our robust, six-step process and experience, we help you accelerate your export market development and deliver enhanced commercial competitiveness. We’ll help you establish the optimum market entry strategys for your business, profile and select the best channel partners in the market and, working on-the-ground, in the market, ensure those channel partners perform. We can also manage your export orders and delivery logistics.

Our process is designed to reduce your market entry costs,  your financial risk and guarantee you on-time payment on all sales orders. We partner you on a shared cost basis.

Our teams act on the ground, managing your channel partners ultimately to make commercial success happen. The markets are waiting for you. Talk to us today.

Associated Marketing, Your Export Partner